Amid the Great Covid-19 Pandemic, my son, studying Business Administration in college, came to me with a request. He expressed an interest in starting a small father & son business venture that could add a practical degree of context to his one dimensional, online only “Zoom-ified” business courses. Being a semi-retired vet, I knew I had some spare time on my hands. I gave it some thought and suggested what I would consider a "labor of love," a small batch coffee roasting business.

     During my days serving in the U.S. Navy, I studied the art of home roasting and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Let’s face it, if you have ever served on a ship, you know the coffee comes in enormous dark green cans filled with very dark (to read: burnt) roasted coffee, ground and packaged months before the ship would leave port. For this discerning coffee snob, er drinker, it was just not my idea of satisfying! So, to provide myself and my close squadron-mates with some “comforts of home,” I learned how to create the freshest coffee that could be enjoyed while serving months away from home and loved ones!

     In fact, that is where the name of our little roastery originated. A cup of coffee can be referred to as a "cup of Joe," and Joseph in Italian, is “Giuseppe!” So, I would say, "Who is up for some 'Giuseppe?'" and my coffee-loving shipmates would know it was time for some tasty brew!

     Fast forward to the summer of 2020, and my son’s request...I promptly acquired a sample drum roaster and several pounds of enticing origin coffees, and, once again, passionately reacquainted myself with the art & craft of creating the perfect roast!  It came right back to me like riding a bike!

     Now, we have graduated to a larger capacity, clean hot air, fluid bed roaster to craft and provide you with the most delicious and satisfying freshly roasted coffee beans that you can find anywhere!


“It's time for some 'Giuseppe!'”