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About Us


Drew and Matthew Gwyer are the father-son duo behind Giuseppe Roasters. Drew’s roasting career has been honed over his decade of roasting experience. He first dabbled in roasting his own coffee while in the Navy. Before heading out onto the aircraft carrier, he would use a popcorn popper to roast fresh green beans. From there, he brought the bags of freshly roasted beans onto the ship. This is where the origin of the namesake ‘Giuseppe’ comes from. As one of the only guys on board with fresh, quality coffee beans, Drew knew he had to grind and roast his coffee in secrecy, only allowing a few members of his squadron in on the delight. When a fresh roast was made, Drew used the code phrase ‘Giuseppe’ to let his buddies know it was time for fresh cup of joe. Today, Giuseppe is no longer a secret. Drew and his son Matt have brought the dream of roasting coffee beans to life with their roastery located on the coast of beautiful Higgins Beach Maine.

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