The Volcafe Way

  In 2014, the parent company of our green bean supplier, Volcafe, undertook a two-year initiative to research and develop a global approach to sustainably sourcing high-quality coffees. They drew on the expertise of their field teams, pooling their collective knowledge and experience, to document best-practice strategies at origins. They then developed a farmer support organization to provide direct technical assistance to producers, helping them to improve — and to continually improve — their coffee quality, farm productivity and yields. They named this new sustainable sourcing strategy the Volcafe Way.

  Volcafe Way is now active in Africa, Asia and Latin America. More than a sustainability strategy, it is the way they and, via the supply chain, we do business. They take a “root cause, root solution” approach, working directly with coffee farmers to assist and train them in sustainable production techniques and good agronomy practices, as well as in making the best uses of their land for future generations.

  Their farmer support teams help producers to manage risks, improve outcomes, gather data and focus on measurable results that their green-buyer customers can monitor and verify. One of their flagship training methods is creating “business-model farms,” which provide local learning hubs where surrounding communities can exchange best practices so that they all learn and benefit — whether they work directly with our supplier or not.

  So, when folks ask us whether our coffees are part of certification programs that ensure a fair price at the end, our answer is that they’re so much more. Our supplier not only pays fair prices for green coffee, but in more than 20,000 instances they work with the producers year-round, ensuring that their farms are profitable and have sustainable business plans in place — setting up their success for years to come — and that, of course, each harvest is of the highest quality, so the producers can demand the best prices.

  This is why we, here at GiuseppeRoasters, can provide you with coffees that have "cupped" at scores of 85 or better without breaking the bank. Fairly compensated and fully knowledgeable coffee farmers who love what they do, as much as we love roasting! A pretty darn good combination, ALL AROUND!