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Every bag of Giuseppe Roasters coffee you buy supports direct technical assistance to producers, helping them to improve coffee quality, farm productivity and yields. This sustainability sourcing strategy aids farmers from all our origin sources spanning throughout Africa, Central America and South America. Through your purchase of our beans, coffee farmers can be assisted and trained in sustainable production techniques to perfect their craft for generations to come.

All our coffees are fair trade. In accordance with seasonality, we will carry the La Morena Guatemala as often as we can procure it. This coffee represents the standard of equality that we strive for in procuring our beans. Our La Morena Guatemala comes from all-female coffee farms throughout the Huehuetenango Region.

In summary, we are extremely pleased to bring you our diverse offerings of different beans and want to ensure you that your purchase of Giuseppe Roasters coffee makes it possible for our farmers to earn the money they deserve for their craft. We understand the importance sustainability plays in business and care about the future generations of farmers from our coffee growing regions.

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